Soul Feeder

by Silence Shall Return

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released May 25, 2017



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Silence Shall Return UK

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Track Name: Soul Feeder
I am the reaper
I've come to feast on the souls
Of the ignorant...

...and the shallow

I Bestow nothing
Other than barbaric misfortune

On the weak minded
And cruel
Placing them into a cesspool
Filled with liquids of guilt
Now they're exposed
To my unquenchable

Mercilessness and hunger
A saturated appetite
For their manipulative
Soul beings

Establishing their "dominance"
But with that dominance
Comes arrogance

And stubbornness
Only able to see the world
Through their own Rose tinted glasses

Is never part of their nature
Their decadence
Will only ever come back To taint their souls
Mentally placing them into a permanent chokehold

Facing the reality
Of their self inflicted situation

On behalf of the victims
Of their alienation
I shall invoke

In the purest form of torture
Scarring their minds
Until they feel nothing but dead inside

Will rebound
Shattering their morale
As I howl
With ghoulish laughter
Torment will reach its climax
Pushing them into the depths of suicide
Possessed by the reaper of the moonlight
The triggers from their guns help them wave goodbye
To their sweet, pitiful lives